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2010 Spring

March 24, 2010 (M-391)

Attendees: Anthony Borgese, Chris Calienes, Amy Haas, Theresa Mastrianni, Christoph Winkler,

Meeting Summary: The group continued the discussion about the benefits of using collaborative software in the classroom. CW demoed Google Docs, followed by a discussion of its applicability for instructions. The group agreed that this web-based software has a lot of potential to foster team work (both inside and outside the classroom) and that it can help to increase students’ accountability and agency for learning. The meeting ended with a discussion about Twitter and its applicability for instruction. The notion was that while Twitter may be a great way to explore the “pulse” on a certain topic (e.g., social networking in education, public response to a breaking news story), “in-classroom” use may be rather a distraction than an actual benefit.