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2015 Spring

Meeting #1: Wednesday 03/25/15
The first meeting of the spring semester was well attended. Attendees asked questions about training available at the center and the types of software and hardware available on campus. Common concerns such as the use of smart boards on campus and creating web resources were discussed.  Attendees spoke of how they are using technology tools, how it is impacting their courses and their teaching practices. Blackboard was discussed in great detail.  More and more faculty members are using BB as a technology tool in their classrooms or would like to be using BB in their classrooms. Participants suggested that more training sessions on using Blackboard be provided.

Meeting #2: Tuesday 04/14/15
During this meeting Stella Woodroffe, from the office of special services spoke about the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act and reasonable accommodations on pedagogy. She provided suggestions for making online resources assessable and using universal design when preparing web enhances and online courses.  We also discussed issues such as note takers in the classroom and the conversion of documents into formats that can be read by screen readers and how students go about getting these services.Disabilities represent the most common hidden disabilities.docx  Reasonable accommodations for faculty: http://www.kbcc.cuny.edu/access-ability/pages/how_else_can_we_assist.aspx
Meeting #3: Tuesday 05/19/15


During this meeting Dean Reza Fakhari spoke about the progress of hybrid, online and web enhanced courses on campus. He discussed the proceedings and projects of the online and hybrid learning committee. He spoke of the process involved in becoming certified in hybrid and online teaching and that interested faculty can enroll in an online courses being offered on an ongoing basis by the school of professional studies. The opening of the e-learning center on campus this fall is exciting and will provide faculty with much needed support in this growing area of pedagogy.  Materials distributed by Dean Fakhari can be viewed by clicking the following links:  Old Guidelines for Teaching Hybrid & Online Courses.pdf  and Protocol for Peer Observation of an Online Course.pdf