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Three meeting were held during the spring semester.

The first two meeting were jam packed, standing room only.

During the first meeting people shared their technology experiences with the group and talked about some of the difficulties in getting students to use the various programs and resources.

During the second meeting we talked about methods of creating mini audio/ video lectures that can be posted on blackboard or other places.  The Flipping the Classroom model was discussed. In this model class time is used to do “homework” and students view prerecorded lectures that have been posted on Blackboard, at home. Thus, we flip the classroom.  Suggestions and how to on doing this can be found on the wiki in the TWT TOPICS folder entitled PODCASTS.

The third meeting was the last week of school and therefore was not well attended.  However, the folks that attended discussed various options for cloud storage and other software programs that are alternatives for PowerPoint.

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