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Meeting 1- October 7, 2015

At our first meeting, we discussed the article “Flipped Class Trends:  A Survey of College Faculty”, a special report from Faculty Focus. Between our discussion and the KCTL survey you completed, below is a list of items participants are interested in exploring:

  1. hear about how colleagues are using technology in their classroom
  2. how technology can be incorporated into all classes, not just hybrid or online classes
  3. interactive video lectures and how they can be used to have students come to class with some background knowledge or as a way for students to reexamine difficult concepts
  4. the use of apps
  5. use of itunes, crash course, Khan Academy
  6. Ensuring equal access

These items will be the basis for our discussion for our future meetings.  The schedule of meeting dates is:

October 28

November 11

December 2

All meetings begin at 3:00 in M391.



Here is another interesting article about academic cell phone use published in the Journal of College Science Teaching.  Happy reading!

Student Impressions of Academic Cell Phone Use in the Classroom

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