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Meeting on October 28, 2015- Discussion on Apps

We discussed a number of apps you can use with your students.  Examples included:

  1. Educreations:  short videos can be made explaining a concept.  It works like a white board where you can draw and explain a concept, save it and you will be sent a link to your video.
  2. Explain Everything:  another app to create short videos.  It allows you to import from evernote, dropbox and your photos from your ipad.  Many math professors have students use Explain Everything as a way for students to explain how they solved homework problems.
  3. Evernote:  a place to store notes, photos etc. that can be annotated and organized into notebooks.
  4. Data collection apps:  specific examples include carbon footprint app, biodiversity apps, tides app
  5. Discipline specific apps:  heart rate (records your heart rate if you place your finger over the camera lens of your smart phone); 4D Anatomy (images of heart and human body from multiple angles)
  6. iBooks Author:  allows you to create an interactive “textbook” with 3D images, interactive images, and the ability for students to highlight text

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