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KCEL’s Playing To Your Strengths as an Instructor Session – April 30th

On April 30th, 2020 KCeL offered its first Playing to your Strengths as an Instructor session. The session description is

Faculty have a wealth of experience in teaching dynamic, face to face classes that include active learning experiences to engage students. Now, you might be wondering how to create these same experiences online. In this interactive session, we will work through how to recreate your strongest face to face activity into an online activity through a collaborative, knowledge sharing process. Please answer the three questions in this form prior to the session, so we can provide you with ideas. The ideas we collectively develop will be shared with all participants. Come to the session with your headset and microphone ready, so we can talk through your ideas.

During the session we reviewed the activities faculty submitted and then came up with ideas on how to convert them to online activities, thinking about the features students have available to them in Blackboard.

Here is the Playing to your Strengths April 30.2020 Powerpoint we used during the session.  The ideas we came up with have been added. Thanks for your participation.



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