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TWT FIG Meeting of April 27, 2017 on Using Videos

Today we talked about different ways you can use videos in your class.  Videos can be used as a way to help students prepare for class and engage learners is a way that might be more interesting than reading text.

Why use videos?

  1. Tool to reinforce concepts
    1. Single concept per video; no longer than 7 minutes
    2. Providing videos before class gives the opportunity to consider more challenging topics in class
  2. Provides access to course content
  3. Foster discussion
  4. Evidence that students can do something: have them record one another
  5. Other experts enter your classroom


  1. Screencast-o-matic, orQuicktime Player. Create your own short video
  2. Screencastify: create a screen capture video and store it in google docs
  3. Presentme: Create short videos or Have students make videos explaining a concept or working through a moment of difficulty
  4. Tellagami: Create animated videos

Tellagami app


  1. Include assessment in your videos

Edpuzzle:  edit a video and insert questions

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