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TWT FIG Meeting of May 10, 2017 on Webinars

We can all use more time with our students outside of the classroom.  A webinar might be a way to connect with students and provide them with more personalized guidance on a particular topic

Free Platforms: Google hangout, GoToMeeting, Zoom,

OtherPlatforms: Zoom, WebEx, Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate

To develop a webinar:

  • Decide on the specific topic you want to present
  • For a live webinar, make it interactive using poll questions, chat, raise hand, breakout rooms
  • Practice: hard to talk to an audience you do not see; position pods
  • Know how many people you will have
  • Webinars can be with recorded and used


What do you want? What do you need?

Think about something you want to do in your class but you haven’t been able to do it because you don’t think you have the technical support. Share your idea with us and let’s see if we can come up with solutions.


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