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TWT FIG Meeting October 18, 2017

Our discussion was based on the reading of the article, “A comparison of reading comprehension across paper, computer screens, and tablets: Does tablet familiarity matter?” published in the Journal of Computers in Education.  In this research study, reading comprehension was compared based on 900 students that read text using a computer, tablet or paper.  Based on the completion of “shallow” multiple choice questions, students who conducted paper reading performed better than those using a computer or tablet. It was also found the familiarity with tablet usage affected performance; therefore it is important to ensure students are trained in the use of technological tools that are used in learning.

Many TWT FIG members reported they preferred reading from paper and they noticed their students often print digital material.  In addition, some instructors recommend their students come to class with printed versions of articles and/or PowerPoints so that they can be engaged during a class by writing notes. However, tablets and other mobile devices are convenient so that students do not have to carry books to class but have access to factual information.

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