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TWT Meeting – Cell phones

We discussed the reading, Helping Students Make the Right Call on Cell Phones.  The article presents different points about cell phones in the classroom, from allowing students to use them, to asking students to volunteer to turn in their cell phone at the start of class, to a complete cell phone ban.  As a group, TWT FIG members had a range of opinions about cell phone use.  Some of our students as well as faculty need to be in communication with children and family so there is a legitimate reason for a cell phone to be in view during class.  Most FIG members felt as long as the as the class was not  disrupted, an important call could be received and responded to by leaving  the classroom.

Another idea was students use their cell phone during class as part of an activity, such as responding to clicker questions ( via poll everywhere) and check facts.  Issues mentioned related to this were weak wifi connections in some classrooms as well as students not wanting to use their data plans.  However, FIG members mentioned many of their students read e-books  or look at the course’s  PowerPoint presentations on their phones. So, there might be some good cell phone use taking place in our classrooms.

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